How to Trade Stocks After the Brexit Rally

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Stocks prices are soaring. But is NOW the right time to buy?Brexit or Bremain
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After the Brexit pullback, stock prices are clearly breaking out.
For almost two years, the S&P 500 has been range-bound. It’s been trading in a channel, without breakouts above or below this trading range of 1800 to 2130.
Immediately after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, stock prices plunged.
But just like a rubber band, the market got overstretched to the downside. And then it quickly rebounded in the last two weeks in what many are calling the Brexit rally.
That move kicked the market out of its 24-month range, and is considered a very bullish move.
The S&P 500 is now trading at all-time highs. But that isn’t a reason to start buying stocks right now. New highs don’t indicate a tradeable scenario.
For this to be a bullish tradeable situation, I’d like to see the market consolidate from these new highs. That means I’m looking for the market to either trade sideways or pull back a little bit.
That’s when I’d look to buy the market. And after some consolidation, I’d look for stock prices to resume their rise.
My advice: Don’t chase this price action. Wait for consolidation.
I’ve prepared a video that shows you exactly what’s happening with the S&P 500 right now and what you should look for before buying the market.
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I currently have one major concern. While the S&P is at all-time highs, other indices including the NASDAQ, Russell 2000, Dow Transports and many other indices are still trading below their all-time highs.
For a sustained market rally, I’d look for other indices to join the S&P in hitting all-time highs.
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