Breaking News: $2.4 Billion 5G Auction Results

U.S. wireless companies including AT&T and Verizon . . .5G stocks
Have already placed bids totaling $2.4 billion to buy up new 5G spectrum.
It’s happening right now in an auction being run by the Federal Communications Commission.
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Earlier this year, President Trump and the FCC announced a major initiative called . . .
The 5G FAST Plan.
It’s designed to allow American wireless providers to quickly roll out fifth-generation wireless networks nationwide.
One key component of the plan is a series of spectrum auctions. These auctions allow wireless companies to purchase the rights to transmit communications on various frequencies.
The first 5G spectrum auction brought in $702 million. And the second one happened in May – with bids totaling $2 billion.
Meanwhile, the third auction got underway on Dec. 10. The auction has been underway for eight days . . .
With 35 companies bidding a total of $2.4 billion!
It’s expected that the auction could exceed $3 billion by the time it ends. Go here to profit from America’s rapid 5G expansion.
Why does this matter?
Because wireless companies must have access to this spectrum technology. Without this – they’ll be unable to rollout 5G networks.
President Trump is pushing for nationwide 5G in 2020. And that means the FCC must make it easy for wireless companies to get the technology they require.
Yesterday, the former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission warned that America is moving too slowly on 5G:
“The imperative here is to get lots of spectrum into the hands of people who will build 5G networks,” says Reed Hundt.
The current auction is a good first step toward opening up more spectrum. And there could be another new auction in early 2020.
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Ian Wyatt
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