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 The IPO market is booming!
And huge gains from Pinterest (NYSE: PINS) and Zoom (NASDAQ: ZOOM) are encouraging even more companies to go public.
Now’s the best time to get invested in the hottest tech stocks – BEFORE they go public.
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The IPO experts at Renaissance Capital report a robust IPO market.
In the last 90 days, the average IPO has jumped 21.3%. And with one new IPO every three days, there are tons of new companies to buy.
The top-performing IPOs are downright impressive.

The Top 5 IPOs for 2019

IPO market

Source: Renaissance Capital

Imagine earning 147.6% profits – in just two weeks!
The red-hot market for new IPOs is one of the best places to invest. That’s why I’m jumping into this sector right now.
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There couldn’t be a better time.
That’s because another 83 private companies have filed plans to go public with the SEC . . . and they expect to raise $27.7 billion from investors.
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The biggest upcoming IPO is Uber.
The company plans to raise $8 billion to- $10 billion from investors. And the stock will go public in early May.
Shares will start trading on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol “UBER.”
Now, I’m not sure I’d buy Uber shares after the IPO.
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