Did You Miss the Lyft IPO?

Did you miss out on the Lyft IPO?Lyft IPO
Please don’t wait another minute.
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Frankly, it’s not surprising.
99.7% of folks like us are locked out of the best IPOs. And I know because I’ve been there . . .
For years, I was shut out of the big public offerings from Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Facebook (NYSE: FB). And that meant I missed out on the early profits.
I know because back in 1997 . . .
My broker discouraged me from buying Amazon. The internet bookseller had just gone public at $18 / share (or $1.50 on a “split adjusted” basis).
Over the last 22-years…
$1,000 invested in the Amazon IPO would’ve grown to $1,187,166!
These life-changing profits are only possible when you become an early investor (click here to get in on the Uber pre-IPO).
Twenty years ago, promising growth companies would raise a few million dollars and go public. And that meant that you and I could wait for the IPO. And then we could pick up shares before a company’s valuation soared.
That’s not the case anymore.
Because there’s an unlimited amount of capital available to fund private companies.
That means private companies can raise billions from venture capitalists, private equity firms, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. And they’re all willing to write big checks – before these companies go public.
The excess capital from private markets means these companies can remain private for a longer period of time.
For example, Amazon went public just three years after being founded by Jeff Bezos.
Meanwhile, Facebook waited eight years to go public. And Uber will be ten years old by the time the company launches  its IPO.
What happens when companies WAIT to go public?

  • Silicon Valley “insiders” get even richer
  • New York banks let preferred clients buy private shares – at the best possible price
  • Regular folks – like you and me – are sitting around waiting for the IPO

That all changes right now.
Because my research uncovered a secret backdoor for buying private stakes of companies like Pinterest and Uber – weeks before they go public.
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Right now, there’s a new IPO coming. And it’ll be much, much bigger than the $23 billion Lyft IPO.
The company is named Uber. And sources expect that the IPO could be worth +$120 billion! Don’t miss out on another opportunity like the Lyft IPO.
CNet says “Uber wants to be the Amazon of transportation.”
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Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt

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