Warren Buffett Loves Millionaire Income Machines

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Millionaire Income Machines. It sounds too good to be true.
You’ve probably never heard of them. But they have become popular among average millionaires next door, as well as the richest billionaires. In fact, Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, Bill Ackman, Bill Gates have used these special investments to earn consistent income.
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So, what’s the draw for the well-heeled?
Income is one. Millionaire income machines generate income yields two-, three-, and even five-times the typical yield (roughly 2%) generated by most S&P 500 stocks. I can breezily name five millionaire income machines that generate yields between 12% to 15%.
Timing of the income payment is another draw. Many of these millionaire income machines pay their high-yield income in monthly installments. The bills arrive monthly; we appreciate when the income to pay those bills arrives monthly, too.
The markdown might be the most enticing draw, though.
Many millionaire income machines trade at a markdown to the value of their underlying investments. Some trade at markdowns of 20% or more, which means you’re able to buy a dollar’s worth of investments for $0.80.
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And in times of extreme market tumult, they can be bought for far less than $0.80 on the dollar. One of Warren Buffett’s many investment coups involved a millionaire income machine 45 years ago.
The year was 1972, and markets were deflated after the bursting of the “Nifty Fifty” stock bubble. The Nifty Fifty were the growth stocks of the day, and their value had been pneumatically pumped to zeppelin proportions, much like internet stocks in the late 1990s.
Then the inevitable happened. The bubble burst and Buffett went to work. He bought a millionaire income machine at priced a 50% markdown to its underlying investment value. Buffett held his millionaire money machine for half a decade, all the while collecting high-yield income. After five years, he sold his millionaire income machine at a premium and realized a $15.7 million gain on price appreciation alone.
Buffett’s situation was extreme, to be sure, but extreme situations occur periodically. The last extreme situation occurred during the 2008/2009 financial-market meltdown. Many millionaire income machines traded at a 30% markdown to their underlying investments.
One particular millionaire income machine  ̶  with an energy-stock focus  ̶  traded at a 32% markdown in September 2008.
At the depth of the markdown in September 2008, this particular millionaire income machine was priced to yield 21%. Nine months later it traded at a 22% premium, its  value having soared 150%. A $10,000 investment had appreciated to $25,000.
The market today moderately undulates compared to the violent fits and spikes that punctuated the extremes of 1972 and 2008. But moderate isn’t synonymous with efficient. We can still find millionaire income machines that trade at markdowns of 20% of their underlying investments. Income yields approach 10%.
You’re no Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, or Bill Gates, and neither am I. No problem, millionaire income machines are available to us all. They lack minimum wealth and income requirements. They can be bought for as little as $100. What’s more, they can be bought as easily as any publicly traded stock.
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