Why I Signed an NDA to Get This Research

In the world of public company stocks . . .
Non-disclosure agreements – or NDAs – are frankly very uncommon. In fact, I’ve never had a colleague ask me to sign one – until last week.
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Frankly, this little-known investment is different than anything I’ve ever seen before.
It’s a natural resources company that could experience explosive growth in the coming years. That because it operates one of the most profitable mining operations in the world.
Plus, a new technology could send this natural resources stock surging over 1,993% in coming years.
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Canadian Insider Reveals #1 Stock for 1,993% Profits
So, what’s so exciting about this tiny $2 natural resources stock? There are really three key things . . .
#1: Insiders Own 30% of the Stock
This natural resources company was founded by a Swedish billionaire.
Along with other insiders, he owns over 30% of the company.
This means that management’s interests are aligned with the shareholders. And with a huge equity stake, management is focused on building shareholder value.
#2: Over $50 Million in Profits
Now, most natural resources companies have tons of debt and NO PROFITS.
That’s what makes this little-known natural resources stock so unusual. The company is completely debt-free. Plus, last year the firm turned a healthy profit of over $50 million on a cash basis.
#3: Huge Royalty Payments
Typically, executives like to retain their company’s profits . . . and ultimately reinvest those profits in new growth initiatives.
That’s not the case here. Every year, this tiny company is sending out the majority of its profits to its shareholders.
In fact, last year it sent out over $40 million in royalty checks.
With “insiders” owning over 30% of the natural resources stock – they’re collecting over $12 million every year. In fact, this means these executives are earning more from the dividend than from their salaries.
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Now, because I’m not allowed to reveal all the details . . .
I’ve asked one of Canada’s top resource investors to join me for an exclusive briefing. His name is Marin – and he’s has an amazing track record of finding huge winners.
Today, he reports that this tiny $2 stock is the largest position in his investment fund.
So, who is Marin?
Well, he’s a mathematician who has figure out how to uncover the best hidden investments.
His research has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. And his book made the New York Times bestseller list.
Doug Casey describes him as . . .  “the next Warren Buffett. In the resource area, there’s nobody that’s even a close second to Marin. He’s actually . . .  I’d consider him something of a genius.”
And billionaire investor Rick Rule says he’s “become one of the most trusted and well-connected dealmakers in the junior resource sector.”
Tomorrow, I’m sitting down for a private video call with Marin.
And I’d like to have you join me as a guest.
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Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt

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