Wyatt Research Week-in-Review: October 12-18

Stocks officially went bipolar on us this week.
On Wednesday the S&P 500 plunged 3% before recovering to end down just 0.81%. Thursday saw more red in portfolios across the board. Just when the market outlook appeared bleak, stocks bounced back with a vengeance on Friday, with the S&P 500 up close to 2% at one point.
Despite the surprisingly nice close to an extremely volatile week, stocks have now given back most of their 2014 gains.
Why is it happening? Are Europe’s problems seeping into U.S. markets? Is the impending end of QE3 finally spooking investors? Is your portfolio infected with Ebola?
Our Bob Bobala asked – and emphatically answered – those questions in an epic market commentary this week. Several of our other analysts, including yours truly, voiced their own perspective on a suddenly uncertain market as well this week.
Given those market conditions, we know you want to protect your assets. That’s why we’ve also been writing a lot about protection this week. Before the market cratered, cyber security was at the top of our minds. We’ve been talking about how to protect yourself and profit from all the money that’s going to be spent to protect our digital assets: click here to learn more.
Here’s what else was on our minds in a very hectic week on Wall Street:
Housing Recovery Alert: Ben Bernanke Denied MortgageThe housing market is improving, but with loan requirements so stringent, even Ben Bernanke couldn’t refinance. What’s ahead for housing?
Two Stocks to Protect Your Identity and Your Portfolio– Cyber security has emerged as a high-profile issue after a number of data breaches at major corporations. How can you protect yourself – and your portfolio?
Your Portfolio Is Not Infected With Ebola– It was sick day on Wall Street Wednesday, but rest assured your portfolio has not caught a fever. Here are five tips for surviving the market mayhem.
Focus on Building Wealth, Not Beating the ‘Market’Over my many years of investing, I’ve been frequently regaled by tales of investing glory.  After a particularly successful run, investors simply can’t help but boast of “beating the market” – usually the S&P 500 or Dow Jones Industrial Average. My preference is to downplay the notion of “beating the market.
Stop Paying Real Estate Taxes, Legally-A special Federal program allows homeowners like you to completely pay off your real estate taxes through exclusive rebates. You can start collecting these Real Estate Tax Rebates on October 20 … and every month after that! Click here to find out how to enroll.
Don’t Fear Cyber Terrorism; Profit From ItSome of the biggest companies in America have been the victims of cyber terrorism lately. Now they’re paying millions to ensure it never happens again.
Burglars Rob Bank, But Don’t Steal a PennyFive heavily armed men walk through the front door of a suburban bank. Guns drawn, they quickly overpower the rent-a-cop in the bank’s lobby. On their way out, they leave the bags of cash sitting on the lobby floor. It sounds absurd. But this is exactly what happened just four months ago.
Top 5 Income Stocks to Buy During This SelloffAfter this week’s selloff, there are some great dividend-paying companies trading at a discount. Here are five of the best income stocks available today. 
Putting This Market Correction Into Perspective– The long-feared market correction has arrived. But is that necessarily a bad thing? 
Measure Investment Risk With One Simple IndicatorThere is a statistic designed to measure investment risk. It’s called “beta”.
Thanks for spending time with us this week. We look forward to helping you get ever closer to your investment goals next week.

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