Goldman Sachs: Earnings Season Shocker

Goldman Sachs just released an urgent alert for traders.
The new research shows that the next 45 days could be incredibly lucrative for these “overnight trades.”
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Just check out this implied volatility chart for the stocks in the S&P 500 index.
overnight trading
It shows that the average stock is expected to rise or fall 7.4% when it reports quarterly earnings.
That’s the highest level since the financial crisis in 2009.
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On Wednesday, Alcoa (NYSE: AA) officially kicks off fourth quarter earnings season. And next week, 300 publicly traded companies report earnings.
A strong earnings season could send stocks back on track to new highs. Meanwhile, a poor showing could spark the next leg down for the market.
There are three major things weighing on stocks today.
First, concerns about a slowing growth.
U.S. stocks have been in rally mode, following the election of President Trump. That Trump rally was based upon less regulation and robust corporate tax cuts.
Two years into the presidency, the economy is in the late stages of expansion. As a result, GDP growth is starting to slow down and that could translate into slower earnings growth.
Second, trade wars could add to the global slowdown.
The world has benefited from free trade for decades. And new trade wars are creating less certainty around the world with the U.S. clashing with China as well as allies.
These trade wars are already showing up in corporate earnings. Last month, FedEx (NYSE: FDX) gave a weak forecast based upon slowing trade in Europe and China. And Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) slashed its earnings forecast based upon weak iPhone sales in China.
Third, whether the Fed will aggressively increase interest rates.
Back in December, Fed Chair Jerome Powell seemed intent on regularly raising interest rates. And he appeared on track for two to tree interest rate hikes in 2019.
After the stock market took a 20% beating, Powell reserved course. In late December, he said that the Fed would be “flexible and patient” with regard to interest rate increases. And that seemed like enough to calm the markets – at least temporarily.
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