Wyatt Research Week-in-Review: Sept. 14-20

The largest IPO in history made its debut, two Apple iPhones hit shelves, and Scotland voted “no” to becoming an independent nation.
Other than that, it was a relatively slow week on Wall Street.
It was an action-packed five days for investors, reaching a crescendo on Friday with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba shattering all IPO records and results from Scotland’s independence vote coming in. Fortunately, there was more bad than good – at least in the eyes of investors. The S&P 500 finished the week at yet another record high, moving above 2,010 points for the first time ever.
If nothing else, there was plenty going on to prevent investors from getting bored.
We tried to keep pace with the breakneck action here at Wyatt Investment Research. As usual, we also offered up some investment ideas of our own … including a household name that’s up sixfold.
Here’s what else was on our minds in a busy week for the market:
How to Generate Consistent Monthly Income Through Bull or Bear Markets– Unless you’re incredibly unlucky, you probably own some world-class dividend paying stocks that you’ll probably never sell. But there’s a time and a place to sell everything. Today, I’d like to tell you about a way to “sell” a stock you own (almost every month) to bring in extra income.
When to Invest? NOW…and Here’s WhyProcrastination sabotages the best laid plans, and that includes investing plans. 
This Household Name Is Up Sixfold and ClimbingAt any given time, conservative growth investors will have a hard time finding a better stock to buy than 3M Co. (NYSE:MMM). It is a great technology company, and deserves a place in every growth investor’s portfolio.
The Only Fast Food Stock That Can Fatten Your Portfolio– In an increasingly crowded fast-food market, one public company stands head and shoulders above the rest.
A Mega-Cap Growth Stock for Every Investor– It’s often easy for growth investors to overlook mega-cap companies. The (mistaken) thinking is usually along the lines of, “If the market cap is well over $100 billion, is there much growth potential left?” The answer, in some cases, is, “You bet.”
The Best Income Value in the Energy SectorA secular bear market is producing deep value in the energy sector.
Why Aren’t More Investors Selling Puts for Income?I often talk about how you can get paid to buy stocks. So much so that many of you have requested that I create some sort of educational series. Well, I’ve listened to all of your requests and with the help of the great team here at Wyatt Investment Research, we’ve put together a three-part educational series focused on how to properly use covered calls and selling puts.
Defensive Plays for a Weak EconomyThere are plenty of safe havens in the stock market during a weak economy.
Why Investors Should Be Guzzling this Soda StockThe soda market is increasingly competitive, but one of the steadiest investments in the space isn’t the company you’d think. 
VIDEO: Why Wall Street Yawned at the Apple Watch– After years of complaints about its lack of “new” products, Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) finally delivered last week with the Apple Watch and the Apple Pay. Strangely, Wall Street has reacted to the announcement with relative indifference. Here’s why.
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