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Everyone knows that Canada is GROUND ZERO. The country is the first developed nation to fully legalize cannabis.
Medical use is already approved across the country. By July 1, recreational use is expected to be approved. And Canadian companies are expanding around the world, forming partnerships in Australia, Denmark, Portugal, Spain and Germany.
Most of Canada’s leading cannabis companies have already gone public. And early investors have quickly cashed in gains of 171% to 1,364%.
One of the last remaining private companies is now open to private investors.
It’s recently announced a FINAL private round of financing.
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Pot Stock Briefing

Ohio Opens Application Process
The state of Ohio will begin accepting cannabis cultivation licenses in November. The state plans to implement its medical cannabis program by September 2018, with 60 dispensaries.
Arkansas Receives 300 Medical License Applications
The state of Arkansas has received a total of 300 applications for medical cannabis licenses. Included are 200 that were submitted just before the deadline. A total of 32 licenses will be issued, with sales beginning in March 2018.
Canopy Growth Expands to Denmark
Canada’s Canopy Growth (OTC BB: TWMJF) is expanding to Denmark. The company is going to form a partnership with Danish Cannabis. It’s the latest move by Canopy to expand operations and partnerships around the globe. Canopy was the first Canadian cannabis company to achieve a $1 billion market capitalization.
Mackie Research Capital: The End of Prohibition
The Canadian investment bank released a detailed 74-page report on the cannabis industry. The firm expects demand to outpace supply in 2018, as recreational use becomes legal. The report predicts that 2018 revenues from the industry will reach $6 billion Canadian.
Cannabis ETF Makes Changes
The first cannabis ETF – Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF (OTC BB: HMLSF) – has adjusted its weightings. The ETF has $139 million of assets, as of Sept. 19. Below is a listing of the holdings as of Sept. 18.
PRIVATE ACCESS: Canadian Insiders Open Secret Back Door
Canada’s exclusive “Bay Street Insiders” just invested $5 million in this private marijuana stock… a few months before the IPO.
They have a history of BIG profits in the legal weed sector. Last year, folks who jumped into one of their “pre-IPO” deals turned $3k into $26,220 in just seven months!
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Market Snapshot

Weekly Performance (Monday – Friday midday):
North American Index: +0.9%
Horizon Medical Marijuana ETF: +1.64%
One of Canada’s last remaining PRIVATE cannabis companies is getting ready to IPO.
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