Uber IPO: Bigger Than GE, Caterpillar and Morgan Stanley

With the Uber IPO valuation topping $90 billion . . .Uber IPO
It’ll be the ninth-largest American IPO in history. And trading starts within 14 days!
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Uber is the world’s No. 1 ridesharing company. And it’s the most valuable private tech stock, according to The Wall Street Journal.
So, it’s only fitting that the company would have one of the biggest IPOs.
The Uber IPO is expected to launch with a valuation of up to $90 billion. That could make the company more valuable than American blue-chip stocks including . . .

  • Caterpillar – $78 billion
  • General Electric – $79 billion
  • Morgan Stanley – $80 billion

Most folks are busy trying to figure out if the Uber IPO is worth the lofty valuation.
But honestly, that’s the WRONG question.
Instead of asking whether the IPO price and valuation is fair . . .  I’m focused on how to maximize my profits from the Uber IPO.
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Uber IPO Just Weeks Away

Uber plans to go public in early May. And the official Uber IPO offering price will be $44 to $50 per share.
Plans call for the California ridesharing company to raise $8 billion to $10 billion in the initial public offering. And that would value the company at up to $90 billion.
That could make Uber the 66th most valuable company in the S&P 500 Index.
Uber appears to be conservatively pricing its IPO shares . . . in an effort to avoid a repeat of Lyft’s IPO debut decline.
So, folks who buy the IPO may turn a nice profit.
But the big gains will be earned by early investors.
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