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IPOs Continue to Pile Up

Ian Wyatt

Six more IPOs have priced in the last two days. That’s 12 already this month, and 20 since September 19.

Few of them have been household names. Only Trulia (NYSE: TRLA), the online real estate listing service that went public on September 19, really registers with the mainstream. No-name or not, the returns of recent IPOs have been strong.

Four of the six initial public offerings to price in the last two days are up at least 20%. Only one of them has actually posted negative returns. Average among the 20 companies to go public in the last month is nearly 10%, with Trulia leading the way at 30%.

That’s actually modest compared to the 18% average return for all U.S. IPOs this year. If it holds, that would be the second-highest return rate among IPOs since 2006.

A little more than three-quarters of the way through the year, 111 companies have gone public on U.S. exchanges in 2012. That puts it on pace for the second-most IPOs since 2007.

The year is far from over. Three more IPOs are already in the short-term pipeline, according to the website Renaissance Capital. More companies will surely get in line with the typically IPO-friendly holidays forthcoming and given the strong performance of this year’s other IPOs.

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