The Super Bowl is a big business. With Super Bowl XLIX the New England Patriots will face off against the Seattle Seahawks in Arizona.

Just how big is the Super Bowl? We dug into the numbers and discovered some fun and astounding facts.

  • 184 Million Viewers: The Super Bowl commands the attendance of 58% of Americans. Of those, 20 million people plan to buy game day apparel.
  • $4.5 Million: With such a huge audience, big brands want to get viewed. The average cost of a 30 second TV commercial for the big game is $4.5 million. That’s a 10% increase from last year.
  • 41% Only Want Commercials: Nearly ½ of Super Bowl viewers say they won’t care about the game. They just want to watch the commercials (and eat and drink with friends).
  • $14.3 Billion Party: Watching a game – and commercials – can create a big appetite. American’s will spend a huge amount on their Super Bowl Parties. The final price tag – $14.3 billion, primarily on food and drink for the big game.
  • 1.25 Billion Chicken Wings: The favorite food for the Super Bowl? Chicken wings. Whether they’re BBQ or Buffalo, American’s will be consuming vast amounts of wings. Despite a 27% increase in wing prices in the last year, that won’t put a dent in this year’s sales.
  • $10,375 Tickets: That’s the current lowest price to attend the Super Bowl. The most expensive seats are available for a whopping $21,000.
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