BUY, BUY, BUY.pot stock buyout

That’s what’s happening in the fastest-growing sector of the North American economy.

Alcohol companies are investing in cannabis stocks.

Pharmaceutical companies are forming joint venture partnerships. And the bigger cannabis stocks are buying up the smaller players.

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The latest major deal was from Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC).

The world’s most valuable cannabis company inked a deal to buy out Hiku Brands (OTC: DJACF) for C$1.91 per share.

That price was a 33% premium to the Hiku share price . . .

That values the company at $250 million!

For Canopy Growth – valued at $5.5 billion – Hiku was a small deal.

It represented less than 4% of Canopy’s total market value.

How to Find the Next Buyout Target

Hiku shareholders have now been rewarded.

And this shows how profitable it is to own stocks before they get acquired.

In Canada, there are 114 licensed cannabis producers. Getting a license isn’t easy. But lots of companies have successfully navigated the regulatory framework.

Having a license isn’t enough to become a buyout target.

But you’ve got to remember that the big players already have licenses. And they know how to obtain new licenses for expansion.

Canada’s big players – like Canopy – are looking for companies with something special.

In the case of Hiku, the company is focused on the consumer market.

Hiku had previously acquired a company called Tokyo Smoke, and was building out cannabis stores. Plus, the company was creating a chain of stores that would be similar to coffee shops.

Canopy saw value in Hiku because of the company’s ability to connect with consumers.

The fact is that dried cannabis will become a commodity product.

The companies that win – in Canada and the U.S. – will be those that can develop a loyal following . . . and those that can create “valued added” products such as beverages, edibles and topical creams.

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