Claim Your $530 ‘Liberty Check’ Now

It happened yesterday. An obscure, small-cap company declared a $3-per-share “liberty check.” Investors who jumped on the declaration could have claimed “liberty checks” worth up to $530.
The good news is the opportunity still exists. Investors can still claim “liberty checks” worth up to $530.
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The “liberty checks” are worth claiming because the company issuing the “liberty check” is worth owning.
A strong property and casualty insurer declared the “liberty check.”  This insurer underwrites property and casualty insurance in 46 states and the District of Columbia. This P&C insurer has been profitably plying its trade since 1946.
Quality and financial discipline are immediate draws.
This P&C insurer has earned a financial-strength rating of “A” (Excellent) from A.M. Best Co. It ranked 77 on the list of Top 200 U.S. Property & Casualty Writers in the 2017 Best’s Review.
This P&C insurer also earned the prestigious “Five-Star Carrier” rating from Insurance Business America in 2017. The rating is based on financial stability, company reputation, claims processing, underwriting expertise, and product offerings.
The P&C insurer continually grows; it grows conservatively.
Annual revenue has nearly doubled over the past eight years. This P&C insurer reported $1.05 billion in annual revenue in 2017 – a 78% increase over the $591 million in revenue reported in 2010.
The P&C insurer has grown without accumulating excessive debt. Not only has it not accumulated excessive debt, it has accumulated no long-term debt. Growth has been high, but financial risk remains low.
To issue a “liberty check” a company must have the cash to pay a “liberty check.” You might think I’m belaboring the obvious; I’m not. I’ve seen a surfeit of shaky “liberty checks” issued by companies that lack the cash wherewithal to pay.
But not in this instance. This P&C insurer continually generates high levels of free cash flow. Free cash flow exceeds $100 million annually. The cash account exceeded $317 million at last report. The “liberty check” will consume only $75 million of cash. The cash account remains sufficiently stocked to run the business.
This P&C insurer has proven adept at conservatively growing the business while liberally rewarding its shareholders with a steady stream of cash.
With the “liberty check” declared yesterday, this P&C insurer will have returned over $250 million to shareholders through regular quarterly dividends, “liberty checks,” and share repurchases since 2013. During this time, the regular quarterly cash dividend has increased to $0.31 per share from $0.15. That’s a 13% average annual increase.
This P&C insurer has continually returned cash to its shareholders since 1968. Relentless income payments (and relentless payment growth) are the most persuasive evidence of financial strength. They are the best predictor of future share price performance.
As the income to investors goes, so goes the share price.
This P&C insurer’s income payments to shareholders have taken the share price in the right direction. The payments have taken the share price to new heights. I expect the “liberty check” declared yesterday to lift the shares higher.

I like this particular P&C insurer. I like its “liberty check.” I like its potential to generate a profitable “liberty check” trade.
You can get in on the action.
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