Transforming the Energy Patch

BP’s new CEO has said he’ll shrink oil and gas output by 40% over the next decade. He’s also cutting the BP dividend in half and will invest in… Read more

Just Ahead: Stocks Will Be ‘Fat and Flat’

Income stocks look more attractive as stocks in general appear to be headed for “fat and flat” few months. This Goldman analyst likes companies that have “stable or reliable… Read more

Pandemics and Politics: Drug Companies Under Pressure

Some investors are starting to worry that cash flows from drug companies might be in peril. President Trump signed four executive orders aimed at lowering drug prices. Read more

Bank Dividends in Danger as Pandemic Rolls On

Last week, I wrote that big bank dividends looked to be in danger. I hate that I was right. I can show you how to replace that lost income…. Read more

Disney Delivers 25.6% Profits in 24 Hours

After Walt Disney Co. reported blowout earnings recently, overnight traders were able to book huge Disney profits in 24 hours. Read more

Fox News Won’t Reveal This Election Secret

American companies are sending out $1,161 every 19 days on average to ordinary Americans. I like to call these payments “Election Checks.” Read more

The ONLY Way Trump Loses 2020

The economy is key to President Trump’s re-election. And part of the plan is “election checks,” huge payouts to American before Nov. 3. Read more

Trump Advisor: Collect Your 2020 Election Checks

It’s a little-known strategy but it could could pay ordinary Americans $14,985 in election checks before the 2020 presidential election. Read more

Las Vegas Predicts 2020 Presidential Election: Latest Results

Who will win the 2020 Presidential Election? Las Vegas just released the latest prediction. And things are looking GOOD for President Trump. Plus, Trump’s plan to send “2020 Election… Read more

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