Just Ahead: Stocks Will Be ‘Fat and Flat’

Analysts are predicting stocks are essentially going to stall out in the coming months.income stocks
Sure, they’ll swing, but they won’t actually make much progress or money.
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If Christian Mueller-Glissmann, head of asset allocation at Goldman Sachs, is correct, income fwill be more important than ever.
On CNBC, Mueller-Glissmann predicts that stocks could be stuck in a “fat and flat” range for the foreseeable future.
What does that actually mean?
Smaller returns and more volatility. Basically, big swings with less profit.
That makes income stocks more attractive.
If a stock goes up 5% one day, then falls 5% the next day (“fat and flat”), where does that leave you? Nowhere in terms of return.
But if that same stock goes up 5%, falls 5% and pays you a 3% dividend in the meantime, you’ve at least got a 3% return. That’s the appeal of income stocks.
True, that’s still nothing to write home about. It certainly won’t make you rich tomorrow.
But you collect enough 3% dividends via income stocks in the meantime, it adds up over the long haul.
And, Mueller-Glissmann says he likes companies that have “stable or reliable cash flow growth,” which is also good for paying dividends.
If you’re not terribly interested in 3% dividends, there is another way to lock in big income, even in “fat and flat” markets.
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