Trump Advisor: Collect Your 2020 Election Checks

It’s a little-known strategy but it could could pay ordinary Americans $14,985 in election checks before the 2020 presidential election. Read more

Three Signs Your Dividend’s in Trouble

Dividends aren’t sacrosanct and can easily be cut by a company if it finds itself in trouble. Watch for these warning signs that dividend cuts could be on the… Read more

SELL! SELL! SELL! No. 1 Rule for Selling Your Dividend Stocks

Always sell a dividend stock after a dividend cut. Don’t hold on and hope for the best or you’ll be in for a world of misery. Read more

Get Familiar With This 10% Income Yield

Big income yield and deep value. The two factors are compelling reasons to consider a fund that holds 81 different U.K.- and EU-based securities. Read more

Not Using This Strategy? You’re Killing Your Investment Returns

Dividend reinvestment allows you to increase the number of shares that you own without adding a dollar of new money. You’d be surprised how you benefit. Read more

How Did Warren Buffett Get So Rich?

Even if we can’t match Warren Buffett’s investing and business acumen, we certainly can make money using his passive income strategy. Read more

Recession on the Horizon: What You Need to Do

Many economists believe a recession is on the way. That’s why now is the time to refocus on the basics of an income investing strategy. Here’s how. Read more

As the Market Whipsaws, Eliminate the Uncertainty

Daily life brings lots of unexpected expenses, but I’ve been sleeping easier since I discovered Liberty Checks. I consider it a great way to stretch your budget. Read more

The ‘Greatest’ of All-Time Goes 33-for-33 on Dividends

Roger Penske’s business record is as impressive as his racing record. Penske Automotive Group has raised the Penske dividend every quarter for 33 quarters. Read more

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