Not Using This Strategy? You’re Killing Your Investment Returns

Dividend reinvestment allows you to increase the number of shares that you own without adding a dollar of new money. You’d be surprised how you benefit. Read more

Five Steps toward an Early Retirement

Not saving enough for retirement? Some simple ways investing in stocks can help you get where you need to be. Read more

2014 Housing Market: Profiting From Pent Up Demand

A wave of pent up demand is about to hit the housing market. Do you know how to profit from this trend? Yesterday I wrote an article explaining this… Read more

How a Bicycle Repairman Schooled His Investment Advisor on Dividend Investing

On a drive to Key West last month, my wife and I stopped in Tavernier, a community on Key Largo, to visit a friend of my parents I had… Read more

How a DRIP Helped Pay for My First Home

If there were no such thing as dividend reinvestment programs (DRIPs), I probably would never have been able to afford my first house. A little more than seven years… Read more

Buy Franco-Nevada Stock at a 3% Discount

Franco-Nevada stock is still my favorite gold investment after last week’s Q3 earnings call. Last Tuesday I wrote about the company, saying its gold royalty and streaming business model… Read more

The Real Fiscal Cliff in Dividend Investing

Will the so-called fiscal cliff spell disaster for the stock market? More specifically, what will it mean for  dividend investors?

As a refresher, the “fiscal cliff” is the potential… Read more

Fed to Fixed-Income Investors: ‘Look Elsewhere for Yield’

With a 10-year note that is yielding less than two percent, what is a fixed-income investor to do?

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How I Got Started Investing

Today I’m going to tell you a personal story about how I learned the most important lesson of… Read more

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