3 Gold Stocks Better Than Bitcoin

Bitcoin prices have stumbled and the alt-currency has some formidable headwinds, so investors are again looking to gold as the traditional flight-to-safety investment. These three gold stocks are more… Read more

My Favorite ETF to Profit From Gold Now

This gold ETF holds a basket of small-cap silver mining and exploration companies and could achieve gains of 30% or more this year. Read more

3 Best Gold Stocks to Own Today

Gold has has edged lower over the last couple months, but this is expected to change when the new President Trump starts implementing his policies. These are the best… Read more

The Best Gold Play in Today’s Market

Demand for gold continues to soar, and that means there may be a buying opportunity. Here is the best gold play right now. Read more

The Gold Bull Market Is Back

The U.S. employment report released on June 3 was a shocker to the Fed and the markets and has been a boon for gold. Read more

Why Gold Itself Looks Better Than Gold Miners Right Now

The charts of the SPDR Gold Trust and Market Vectors Gold Miners show differences that give me a preference for gold. Read more

Can Carl Icahn Unearth Big Gains From This Mining Stock?

Activist investor Carl Icahn is at it again. This time he’s taken an 8.5% stake in a languishing mining stock that holds $20.9 billion in total debt. Read more

A Billionaire’s Bold Gold Bet

With gold now at five-year lows, a gold bet is largely a wager that investor fear will increase. Read more

A Bullish Stock in a Bearish Market

The increased volatility of the last few weeks has been terrifying and stimulating at the same time. Read more

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