My Favorite ETF to Profit From Gold Now

This gold ETF holds a basket of small-cap silver mining and exploration companies and could achieve gains of 30% or more this year. Read more

How to Trade Gold Right Now

Even if you aren’t a “gold bug,” there is a valuable place for gold and precious metals in your portfolio. Learn which gold ETFs are the best ones. Read more

How to Profit from a Pullback in Gold

Gold is up 25% since the beginning of the year, but there may be an opportunity in the short term to profit from a gold pullback. Read more

Why Silver Shines as the Brightest Haven

Should you get in on the silver boom? Here’s what’s driving the increase in silver prices and some silver ETFs to consider. Read more

Where Do Silver Prices Go From Here?

There’s been a strange disconnect among gold, platinum, palladium and silver prices recently. Read more

Only Gold Glitters Now, Not Other Precious Metal Investments

The standard line from investment managers is to allocate 2% to 3% to commodities and precious metal investments. I’ve never agreed with that approach. Read more

Silver ETF Is Trying to Snap Downtrend

The SLV ETF, iShares Silver Trust, is having trouble moving above its 200-day moving average. Read more

Silver ETF Signals a Move Higher…or Not

The iShares Silver Trust ETF is bullish in its short-term outlook, but the signals are mixed. I do see areas of concern. Read more

Gold At A Crossroads. What’s the Play?  

Gold breaks one way or another. Your opinion determines your stance. Read more

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