4 Commodity ETFs for the Long Term Investor

Commodity ETFs have a place in every portfolio, just not a big place. Of all the investments in the market, the one area that tends to generate the most… Read more

How to Reap Extra Income from Silver

It’s catching on…even among professional investors. Last Wednesday, I received an email from a retired Certified Financial Planner with 23 years of experience from the trusted Midwest firm of… Read more

The Top 4 Precious Metal Stocks

I’m of the opinion that precious metals are a small, but important, component of any long-term diversified portfolio.  Precious metals are hard assets, and hard assets tend to retain… Read more

How to Invest in Silver in 2014

It used to be that there was only one way to buy silver and that was to purchase physical silver. There are many other ways to invest in silver… Read more

Make 19.5% in Income Using this Silver ETF

Investors seem to have an extreme aversion to selling puts. Why? American investors have “heard” that selling puts is inherently risky. And this belief has been reinforced by the mainstream… Read more

How to Utilize the Iron Condor Options Strategy

Silver (NYSE: SLV) has been trading in a 4 point range for what seems like months. It hits $22 and quickly retreats to roughly $18… rinse and repeat. Will… Read more

QE3 Extension Means Buy Gold and Silver

I’ll believe it when I see. I refer to Federal Reserve, quantitative easing, and tapering. In September, every Wall Street chatterer with media access swore up and down and… Read more

How to Buy Gold and Silver in Your IRA

Two places to get started What you can and can’t buy Why I don’t think you should buy physical silver and gold in your IRA Wow! After my last… Read more

Why Silver is Better than Gold

I find silver attractive because of its low price relative to my bullish long-term outlook. Why am I bullish on silver? Several reasons…

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