It’s Time to Sell Silver Now: Relative Strength Index

A major indicator used in the options world says it's time to sell silver.

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The One Precious Metal You Should Sell Immediately

Gold has taken it on the chin of late. The yellow metal has fallen 25% since hitting an all-time high of $1,900 an ounce in September 2011. But I… Read more

Gold, Silver Drop to Halt Winning Streak

Today's gold and silver drop put the brakes on what has been a strong two-week rally for commodities. Is it a momentary setback, or the start of another decline?

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Black Monday for Commodities, Markets

Commodities are tanking right now. And stocks aren't far behind after an explosion at the Boston Marathon left at least two dead and 23 people injured.

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As Market Soars, Gold Prices Stagnate

These are swinging times for the markets. Which is one reason why gold prices are stagnating.

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ChartWatch: MAG Could Mount a Comeback

MAG Silver (AMEX: MVG) stock may be heading 30% higher soon. 

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Why the Fiscal Cliff Could Push Gold and Silver Through the Roof

Stock traders are running for the hills at the prospect of a looming fiscal cliff. Gold and silver investors should see it as a prime buying opportunity.

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Why You Should Avoid Gold

After Barack Obama was re-elected as president, investors have a choice. Do you want to join the surge of market participants who are buying gold? Or do you want… Read more

VIDEO: A Different Kind of Asset Class

We all know that Kevin McElroy loves commodities. But he also buys other asset classes. And there's one asset class that, when done right, can be as safe as… Read more

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