The “Inflation Reduction” Act’s Dirty Little Secret

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk just announced that the price of the company’s Self-Driving system will increase to $15k in September – the second increase this year. Read more

America’s Battery Gigafactory Race

There is a huge Gigafactory race underway in America. Congress just passed the Inflation Reduction Act – providing a $7,500 tax credit for EVs sold in the U.S. The bill requires… Read more

The New Cold War: Russia’s Plan to Destroy America

Last year, Russian politicians made a huge threat . . . To BAN exports of this “Critical Mineral” to the United States. That’s why President Trump is likely to… Read more

Photos Reveal China’s Secret Killer

China is rushing to embrace new energy technologies to reduce killer pollution. Find out how one commodity is changing the landscape and how you could profit. Read more

After 2,409% Uber Profits, Here’s the Stock He’s Buying Now

After making a killing in Uber profits, this investor is turning to an energy investment. You can get in on the ground floor. Read more

Breaking: New Iran Sanctions Could Spark $300 Oil

New Iran sanctions from Donald Trump could send crude oil above $100 per barrel in 2018… and above $300 within a few years. Read more

Buy an Oil Well in South Texas

Top Wall Street firms are lining up to invest in this new energy IPO headed by a retired Fortune 500 CEO. Learn how you can profit. Read more

Big Income in the Oil Patch

Big oil companies returned to profitability in 2017. Better yet, with oil prices exceeding $60/barrel, margins are expected to increase in 2018. Read more

America’s New Bull Market

A new bull market has emerged . . . in the most commonly traded commodity in the world. Learn how you can profit with one of the best opportunities. Read more

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