The New Cold War: Russia’s Plan to Destroy America

Last year, Russian politicians made a huge threat . . .
To BAN exports of this “Critical Mineral” to the United States.
That’s why President Trump is likely to announce a major decision in April . . . and it could spark a huge move for these top three stocks.
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Last year, Russia was upset that President Trump had implemented sanctions.
In retaliation, politicians in the Russian Duma threated to impose sanctions on the exportation of nuclear fuel to the United States.
Former U.S.S.R. countries – including Russia – supply 40% of the uranium to the U.S. market. And less than 5% of America’s needs is supplied by domestic companies.
That means Russia poses a clear threat to America’s security in this new Cold War.
Because 20% of America’s electricity is generated from nuclear power.
Plus, uranium – also known as “yellowcake” or “U3O8” – is required to power American submarines and aircraft carriers around the world.
The U.S. Commerce Department opened up an investigation . . .
To determine if current levels of “U3O8” imports pose a national security threat to the United States.
Ultimately, President Trump will have the authority to decide what to do next. And he could make a decision as early as April.
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Trump has already taken similar steps to secure America’s access to steel and aluminum. And he’s likely to act again next month.
The Trump administration has already taken actions to protect America’s interests. Consider these events in the last year . . .

  • March 2018: Energy Secretary Rick Perry orders U.S. to STOP selling “U3O8” on the market.
  • May 2018: Interior Dept. adds uranium to the “Final List of Critical Minerals 2018.”
  • July 2018: Commerce Dept. opens investigation into foreign imports and the national security risk.
  • September 2018: Trump signs Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act.

That’s why it’s likely Trump will act to protect America in this new Cold War.
When this happens, these undiscovered stocks could take off.
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