Breaking: New Iran Sanctions Could Spark $300 Oil

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President Trump’s new Iran sanctions could spark a NEW BULL MARKET…
Potentially sending crude oil above $100 per barrel in 2018… and above $300 within a few years.
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Trump has been a strong opponent to the Iran nuclear deal. And he’ll announce an important decision today at 2 pm Eastern Time.
All eyes are on the energy markets – and the price of crude oil.
“The geopolitical consequences of a possible dismantling of the [Iran nuclear deal] would likely to play a larger and long-lasting role in pushing oil prices higher than short-term policy uncertainty,” says Michael Cohen of Barclays.
Crude oil prices have already been surging in anticipation of today’s news. Brent crude is now trading around $70, while West Texas Intermediate (WTI) is around $70.
That’s a three-year high for oil prices!
Meanwhile, an oil analyst at PVM Oil says new sanctions on Iran could remove 1 million per day of oil from the market. And that move could “propel oil prices toward $80 a barrel” – overnight.
That’s a huge move for a commodity that’s at the heart of a $1.7 trillion market.
It would have a cascading impact on Americans – raising the price of gas at the pump, heating, and products that use petrochemicals.
Last month, Anish Kapadia told CNBC’s “Street Signs” that oil could rally to $100 a barrel if Middle East tensions rise. And new sanctions on Iran could certainly increase tensions in the already unstable region.
Another well-known energy trader thinks that’s just the start.
Pierre Andurand is a French businessman who started his career trading oil at Goldman Sachs.
At age 27, his success was rewarded with a $20 million cash bonus. And more recently Forbes named him one of the world’s highest paid hedge fund managers.
Last week, he took to Twitter to make the case for $300 oil!
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