After 2,409% Uber Profits, Here’s the Stock He’s Buying Now

After making a killing in Uber profits, this investor is turning to an energy investment. You can get in on the ground floor. Read more

Breaking: New Iran Sanctions Could Spark $300 Oil

New Iran sanctions from Donald Trump could send crude oil above $100 per barrel in 2018… and above $300 within a few years. Read more

Big Income in the Oil Patch

Big oil companies returned to profitability in 2017. Better yet, with oil prices exceeding $60/barrel, margins are expected to increase in 2018. Read more

How to Use a Delta Code Strategy for the Oil Sector

There is an alternative to a covered call strategy. And it’s a good one . . . I call it my Delta Code strategy. Learn how it can work… Read more

America’s New Bull Market

A new bull market has emerged . . . in the most commonly traded commodity in the world. Learn how you can profit with one of the best opportunities. Read more

How to Trade Oil Today for 12.2% Quick Profits

When I see a commodity like crude oil trading 65% near historic lows, I begin to search for the best way to profit. In this case, it’s the covered… Read more

3 Big Oil Dividend Stocks to Own As Oil Prices Gain

As oil prices continue to move higher, these Big Oil stocks stand to benefit. And each pays a robust dividend. Read more

Buy These Oil Dividend Stocks as OPEC Cuts Production

With OPEC production cuts, oil prices are starting to move. These prime oil dividend stocks are well positioned and could be attractive buys for income investors. Read more

Big Oil Dividends: Going, Going, Gone?

Big Oil dividends are sacrosanct ̶ at least that what the major oil companies keep telling us. But investors looking for “safe” dividends should consider the red… Read more

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