The Oil Glut: It’s Groundhog Day . . . Again

Once again we hear sweet talk about coordinated action to re-balance the oil market. But the oil glut is not easing yet. Read more

Why $50 Oil Works Against Future Price Increases

Yes, demand for oil is high, but lots of other dynamics come into play as oil prices hover near $50 a barrel. Read more

Is $50 Oil Here to Stay?

With U.S. crude oil recently hitting the psychologically important $50 per barrel level, investors are at a fork in the road. Read more

3 Oil Dividend Stocks With Reliable Payouts

These three oil dividend stocks have distinct operating advantages that helped them maintain impressive dividends even as oil prices collapsed. Read more

Oilfield Services Stocks: Time to Buy?

A failed mega-merger and rising oil prices are setting the stage for a comeback for oilfield services stocks. Read more

Is This the End of the Road for the Oil Run?

For months, oil market bulls awaited a production freeze between major OPEC and non-OPEC producers. Then the Doha meeting came and went with no agreement. Read more

Is the Oil Bottom In?

We’ve now seen close to six straight weeks of consecutive increases in the West Texas Intermediate crude oil price. Read more

Has the Deep Freeze of the Canadian Stock Market Finally Thawed?

With the very sharp rebound in the prices of many commodities recently, the Canadian stock market has quickly gone from chump to champ. Read more

This 100% Annual Yield Just Might Be Worth the Risk

Senior unsecured notes of this upstream MLP are trading around $80 each and pay $86.25 in annual interest – which equates to an annual yield over 100%. Read more

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