This Conservative Strategy Locked In 111.5% for Us in 2019

This is a powerful options strategy for income.The poor man’s covered call strategy is a alternative to traditional covered calls. Read more

The Ideal Strategy for Yield-Starved Investors

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How My Favorite Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Trades Options

A statistical edge is the logic behind this billionaire’s trading strategy. He understands probabilities. You can have a statistical edge, too. Read more

The Most Profitable Options Strategy in 2018

The best way to bring in income from options on a regular basis is by selling vertical call spreads, otherwise known as bear call spreads. Here’s a way to… Read more

This Simple Options Strategy Has Averaged 18.6% Gains Every 16 Days

Here’s a simple strategy to profit from market volatility. If the market stays below a specific price, a price of your choosing, you profit. Read more

A 128.5% Return in Boeing Using the Delta Codes Strategy

The Delta Codes strategy is similar to a covered call strategy, with one exception. I used Delta Codes to generate a significant return on Boeing stock. Read more

Gains of 412.5%: Here’s a Simple Strategy That Works

After months of research and two years of testing with LIVE trades, I’m pleased to share this options strategy with you. It’s called Delta Codes. Read more

A Once-in-a-Decade Trading Opportunity

Volatility is once again offering us a trading opportunity in which we can produce significant and consistent profits. Here’s how. Read more

How I Made Big One-Day Gains in Starbucks

We’ve managed to make cumulative returns of 151.7% since I started the using these strategies to trade earnings. Here’s how I profited from Starbucks. Read more

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