Gains of 412.5%: Here’s a Simple Strategy That Works

Over the past five years, a lot of folks have flocked toward an income strategy known as “covered calls.”
Most of us have used  ̶  or at least heard about   ̶  covered calls. Buy a stock, sell calls against it. It’s an easy strategy to implement.
The big problem?  It requires a large account.
That’s because you must own 100 shares of stock for EVERY single call you want to write. That quickly gets expensive. Just consider how much it’d cost to BUY 100 shares of these popular stocks:

  • Citibank = $6,879
  • Walmart = $8,725
  • Apple = $16,160
  • Netflix = $31,059
  • Amazon = $159,069

Let’s say you wanted to use a covered call strategy on 10 to 20 blue-chip stocks. Well, each of those stocks could cost you around $5,000 to $15,000 (on average).  So, you might need $100,000 – or more – to implement this strategy.
That’s a lot of cash. And quite frankly, it’s too much for 90% of investors. Frankly, even for folks who DO have a six-figure account, there is a better way to trade.
After three months of research – and two years of testing this with LIVE trades, I’m pleased to share the results with you.
Here is the approach I call Delta Codes.
Basically, it lets you get ALL the benefits of covered calls . . . WITHOUT having to own 100 shares of stock for each underlying position. This allows you to REDUCE your capital requirements by 80% on average.
That can help you reduce your overall market risk . . . or you can leverage your capital by five times – and potentially capture bigger profits every single month.
Let me take a minute to show you the results of my trades over the past two years. Just to be 100% clear – this wasn’t “back tested” or anything like that.
Instead, these are trades I actually made over the last couple years . . . just to be 100% certain that these Delta Code Trades delivered the right results.
Here’s what I found:
That’s right.
I’ve been trading Delta Codes on popular blue-chip stocks – like Boeing, Cisco Systems and Walmart. And the results have been amazing. Over the past two years, my TOTAL GAINS are 412.5%. That’s approximately a 31.7% profit per position.
Whether your goal is INCOME or BIG PROFITS, this strategy works great.
Using Delta Codes you can get exposure to stocks – WITHOUT buying a single share of stock.
Combine this with my unique strategy, and you can lock in UPFRONT CASH PAYMENTS every single month.
Over the next few days, I will go into a little more detail on how I approach these Delta Code trades using one of the most popular stocks in the market.
Until then, please make sure to sign up for my upcoming live webinar on May 3, where I will explain step-by-step my approach to Delta Codes in the current market.

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