Last Chance Pot Stock IPO Before August

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Good evening! Ian Wyatt here, with a special Sunday night issue.
Everyone should be paying attention – because the next 100 days will mark Phase 3 of the cannabis bull market.
Go here ASAP and grab $5 IPO shares.
Here’s what happened in the 100 days leading up to legalization in California:
That’s 137% gains – in just 3 months – from an ETF!
Now, I hope you’re getting rich on the pot stock boom (I know I am). There’s still time to make money – even if you’re sitting on the sidelines.
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Within the next few months, we’ll see another huge move in the cannabis bull market.  Why?
Because Canada’s population of 36 million people is nearly the same size as California (39 million people).
Plus, Canadians usage of cannabis is much higher than the U.S. And that includes a progressive state like California.
Starting in May, pot stocks will begin surging once again, a cannabis bull market.
Of course, we’ve already seen huge gains from Canadian cannabis stocks.
Just check out these gains AFTER these companies went public.

  • CanniMed jumps 293%
  • Supreme Cannabis surges 473%
  • Canopy Growth multiplies 1,176%

This new IPO is completely overlooked. It’s still private – for a few more days.
Now, this company isn’t a tiny startup. Investors – including the executives – have invested over $100 million.
The company has formed a partnership with one of the top five Canadian cannabis companies. And my estimates suggest that $1.3 BILLION in annual sales are very possible.
This deal is no joke.
But you’ll only have one shot at this $5 stock. Because shares could surge 194% in the coming weeks.
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This IPO won’t wait. You’ll want to get in now.
Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt

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