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What the Option “Tea Leaves” Say About Stocks

When it comes to what the consensus thinks about a stock, who or what can you trust? I’m a firm believer in the put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is school of thought. I want to… Read more

Earnings Season: Trading Opportunity Ahead

In earnings season, we place a trade when volatility is high and receive more income as a result . . . and then exit the trade after earnings are… Read more

121.5% Over 3 Weeks, 741.9% in Total. How Did We Do It?

We’ve had a sensational earnings season so far! We’ve taken six trades, all for profits and our cumulative gain is 121.5%. Our average return per trade is 20.3%. Here… Read more

Urgent Warning: #1 Recession Indicator Flashing RED

An inverted yield curve is the No. 1 recession indicator. Learn how to protect your wealth as market volatility soars. Read more

An Options Trader’s Paradise…This is What It Looks Like

Volatility is back and options sellers have a wonderful opportunity ahead of us. Here are three trades that illustrate what you can do in this environment. Read more

‘Sell in May’ Takes On a Whole New Meaning

Don’t allow your hard-earned money to suffer from dismal market performance. Join the savvy investors earning profits in every market environment. Read more

Strategies That Work Best in a Bear Market

In my unique approach, I trade a mix of short-term trades using bear call spreads and iron condors. These bear market strategies produce results. Read more

A Lesson on How Not to Invest

Most self-directed investors don’t take the time to learn strategies with statistical advantages. Here’s how I use a high-probability strategy to deliver success. Read more

How to Make Money When the Market Goes Nowhere

Our “no directions” options strategy has led to gains in excess of 136% with an average return per trade of 11.4%. Learn how it can work for you. Read more

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