121.5% Over 3 Weeks, 741.9% in Total. How Did We Do It?

We’ve had a sensational earnings season so far!earnings season
We’ve taken six trades, all for profits and our cumulative gain is 121.5%. Our average return per trade is 20.3%.
Here are the earnings season trades (click here to see my complete track record):
So now, the question begs, how has the strategy worked over the long haul?
Any strategy can get lucky over a small sample size . . . it’s the strategies that perform consistently, without huge drawdowns, over the long-term, that we need to implement.
Otherwise, you are simply wasting your time or just gambling and hoping for the best.
Since October 2017, the strategy has made 85 trades in total with a win ratio of exactly 80%. Sixty-eight winners, 17  losers.
Our cumulative total return stands at 741.9%.
The approach is completely quantitative.
That means the strategy is purely mechanical. It’s based on math, statistics and simple number crunching that allows us to identify the best trading opportunities during each earnings season.
It’s this strict mechanical approach that limits our trading to only the best opportunities the market has to offer.
Not every earnings season trade is equal and we certainly don’t take the “trade for the sake of trading” mentality. We only want to focus on the best opportunities and let our approach hold us accountable.
That’s why we only make, on average, 10-15 trades per earnings season.
But that’s OK, right? Just look again at the track record.
One last word about the track record. The track record isn’t based on back-testing or some imaginary application. The track record IS based on real trades sent to subscribers, in real-time and posted on my website.
I’m not interested in talking about back-tested results. Anyone can curve-fit or tweak the returns to make them look better than they should. It’s the results based on real emails and text alerts sent to subscribers that truly matter . . . winners and losers.
If you wish to learn more about how I achieved these long-term results . . . and potentially make a trade or two with me . . .  please make sure to attend my live briefing next week.
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