Fox News Won’t Reveal This Election Secret

Have you ever heard of “2020 Election Checks”?election checks
Don’t worry…
My office has been flooded with calls over the last few days.
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So, what’s going on?
Well, back in 2017 President Trump and the Republicans passed landmark legislation.
It was the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
Now, that bill cut taxes for nearly every American.
Yet even more importantly, it cut taxes for America’s most profitable corporations. And it did so by lowering corporate tax rates by 40%!
PLUS – the bill forced American companies to bring over $3.1 TRILLION back into the U.S.
So, what’s this got to do with the 2020 election? And your income? Click here for the next $1,730 payment.
Let me explain.
President Trump knows that the economy is the #1 issue.
Trump WINS in 2020 if the economy is healthy. And if there’s a recession – he’ll be a one-term president.
Now, we know that Trump loves to WIN. So, he’ll do everything to assure a healthy economy.
The 2017 Tax Cuts are Phase #1 of his master plan.
As a result, American companies are sending out $1,161 every 19 days (on average. And I like to call these payments “Election Checks.”
In fact, you could’ve already collected:

  • $17,760 in 2017
  • $19,280 in 2018
  • $19,530 in 2019

Plus, last week’s Election Checks payment was a HUGE $4,500. Now, you already missed that payment . . .
Yet you could still collect $1,730 on Feb. 19.
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By summer, Trump plans to launch Phase #2.
In fact, the White House economic advisor says that Trump is quietly discussing . . .
A Phase #2 rollout in summer 2020. And this would send election checks to regular Americans every two weeks leading up to the Election.
And the payments could even continue in 2021 and throughout Trump’s second term.
Frankly, these Election Checks are like Social Security on steroids.
Yet you won’t hear about these little-known payments in the mainstream media. Not in the WSJ… Bloomberg News… or CNBC.
Heck – even Fox News isn’t discussing these unusual cash payments.
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Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt

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