The ONLY Way Trump Loses 2020

The Economy.
It’s the only way Trump loses in 2020.
That’s one reason he’s forcing American companies to mail out “Election Checks” before Nov. 3.
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President Trump has already pressured the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates. And three rate cuts in 2019 should set up the economy for decent growth in 2020.
election checks
That’s because the positive effect of lower interest rates is typically felt six months later. So, rate cuts in August, September and October should show up in the economy early this year.
The president hopes lower rates help prop up the economy from the ongoing trade wars and trade disruption from the coronavirus.
Plus, these huge payments could secure the votes of millions of Americans (click here for urgent details).
History shows that a recession can derail a reelection campaign.
1932: Sitting Republican President Herbert Hoover loses to Franklin Roosevelt during the Great Depression.
1960: The economy enters a mild 10-month recession. And Richard Nixon – the nominee for the incumbent party – loses to Democrat John F. Kennedy.
1980: A six-month recession starts in January. And it helps sink Jimmy Carter’s reelection; President Ronald Reagan is voted in.
1992: An eight-month recession starts in mid-1990. It ends well before the election in 1992. Yet the economy is viewed as a weakness for incumbent George H.W. Bush and he loses to Bill Clinton.
Now, President Trump is taking steps to assure that he is elected on Nov. 3.
That means:

  1. Pushing the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates – even though the economy is strong
  2. Reducing regulations for corporations
  3. Cutting taxes for corporations
  4. Cutting taxes for individuals – especially business owners and the wealthy
  5. Forcing American companies to repatriate overseas cash – and mail out these 2020 Election Checks.

One of the best ways to AVOID a recession . . . is to get cash into the hands of regular Americans. That’s because most folks will simply spend the cash. And that helps stimulate the economy.
That’s one reason that Trump’s key economic advisor is considering new tax cuts . . .
That would put extra cash in the hands of EVERY American – right before election day.
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Plus, you could cash your first of your election checks for $1,730 on Feb. 19.
Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt

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