‘Sell in May’ Takes On a Whole New Meaning

Are you concerned about future market performance in 2019 and even 2020?market performance
Well join the club.
It’s a fact, trade conflicts are not good for markets.
Since the newest trade sanctions were enacted, the S&P 500 is only down 4%. That market performance is certainly nothing too dramatic.
But, at the same, investors have seen a 28% pop in the VIX. And the latest spike in the volatility index, or investors’ fear gauge, display a real concern in the market . . . a concern that if a resolution isn’t achieved – and soon – a recession will follow.
So that’s what currently bad for the market. That is . . .  if you only invest with the hope of the market continually moving higher.
But, if you are an investor that uses my toolkit of options-selling strategies that allow you to make money in any type of market environment, bullish, bearish or neutral? In that case, these are glorious times.
Because a fearful market with a 28% pop in volatility allows smart investors – investors that use simple options-selling strategies – to make outsized returns. Meanwhile, other investors are losing their hard-earned profits.
If you are concerned about future market performance, then you need to start using my investment strategies. It’s imperative you are able to make money in neutral, bearish and even slightly bullish markets.
In May, my clients have had the good fortune to lock in some nice profits over a variety of different options-selling strategies.
We’ve locked in 10 straight winning trades in May.
My cumulative gain during May: 171.6% for an average return per trade of 17.2%.
The return for the S&P 500 during the month of May . . .  – 5.3%.
Protect your profits, while making money at the same time.
Don’t allow your hard-earned money to suffer from a market decline. Join the savvy investors earning profits in every market environment.
Remember, we are in the longest bull market in history. It could end at any moment.

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