A Once-in-a-Decade Trading Opportunity

I can’t help but reflect on an opportunity that I brought to the public several months ago . . . an opportunity that has brought subscribers over 200% in total profits in 2018.
The opportunity is in volatility.
I know, I know. Some of you have heard this same song and dance before. I’ve discussed it on numerous occasions, but for good reason. It’s my job to bring you the best trading opportunities to make consistent profits over the long-term.
There hasn’t been an opportunity like this in several years.
The last time volatility offered us this type of trading opportunity was  back in 2007. It lasted for six years.
Before that, volatility was in a bull market that lasted almost nine years.
And now volatility is once again offering us an opportunity to make significant and consistent profits.
You see, when volatility is low, like what we saw in 2017, options prices are low. . .  in this case, historically low. For example, back at the beginning of December an at-the-money call option on the S&P 500 (SPY) with 45 days left until expiration would bring in roughly $3.08.
TRADING OPPORTUNITYNow, at current market volatility levels, all things being equal, we can bring in $5.20.
That’s a 70% increase in options premium…and that’s why we have been so successful in 2018 using three of my favorite options strategies . . . strategies I will be discussing in detail next Wednesday.
The increase in options premium allows us to not only make more in the way of profits, but it also allows us to have a larger margin of error at the same time. The larger margin of error has a direct impact on our win ratio. So far in 2018 we’ve made 23 out of 26 winning trades for an overall win ratio of 88.5%.
But the best part, and the reason why I continue to discuss this opportunity, is that we should see it last for several more years, much like the volatility charts I showed you earlier.
Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what types of investment strategies work best for your personal investment style, but I can tell you learning these strategies is time well spent, especially if history repeats itself.

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