Top 3 ‘Liberty Check’ Payouts to Investors

The biggest “Liberty Check” of 2018 will be paid out this Thursday . . . .  It’s a monster payment for $3,360.
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New “Liberty Checks” are being mailed every two weeks, thanks to President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.
Specifically, Section 965 of the new law is forcing America’s most profitable companies to make these payments. Changes to the tax code can be a big reason for these huge one-day payouts.
But these big payouts aren’t anything new. In fact, they’ve been happening for years. Let me tell you about three of the biggest payments.
Liberty Check #3: Tribune Media: The former publisher of the Chicago Tribune has since gotten into the cable TV business.
In late 2016, the company sold one of its internet companies called Gracenote for $560 million. The company instantly took the profits and mailed out “Liberty Check” payments exceeding $500 million.
A typical investor could’ve collected a $1,590 payment.
Liberty Check #2: Wingstop: The company operates over 1,000 chicken wing restaurants throughout the U.S. Chicken wings are a big – and growing – business.
In the past three years, Wingstop’s revenues have jumped from $78 million to $106 million. Meanwhile, the net income has nearly tripled.
Now, most companies would use the cash on private jets, executive compensation and some silly acquisitions. Not Wingstop! The company instead paid out “Liberty Checks” twice – in 2016 and again in 2018.
The payouts weren’t huge. The first check was $1,040 and the second was $650.
Liberty Check #1: Warrior Met Coal: America’s steel industry was under siege – until Donald Trump became president. New tariffs are expected to save this industry. Warrior Met provides specialty coal used to produce steel.
The Alabama company experienced a huge surge in demand for its products.  Last year, sales jumped from $369 million to $1.2 billion – a 215% increase.
The company turned around and paid out $600 million in “Liberty Checks.” Plus, regular folks were able to collect $4,120 in a single day! It’s the biggest “Liberty Check” payment that I’ve seen in the last three years.
If you’re like 99.7% of Americans, you missed out on these payouts. And that’s a shame.
Because they are open to EVERYONE. You don’t need to be an American. You don’t need to be rich. And you don’t need a special account or an application form.
The next “Liberty Check” goes out on Thursday. It’s a huge payment for $3,360. And you MUST put your name on the list ASAP.
Someone is going to collect this check. It might as well be you.
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