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Aerospace Co. Could Pay Out $2,203 Liberty Check
One aerospace company has developed a positive reputation for paying “liberty checks.” It has paid five liberty checks to its shareholders over the past five years.
Collect Your $3,360 Liberty Check on April 27
Americans are getting rich with these special payouts! These secret payments could total $3.1 TRILLION in 2018. Act now to cash in the next “Liberty Check.” Your check for $3,360 goes out on April 27. Just confirm your details to claim your payment.
2018 is the Year of the Liberty Check ($11,190 income)
In China, 2018 is the “Year of the Dog.” Here in America, it’s the year of the “Liberty Check.” Eight companies have declared eight “Liberty Checks” year to date. A new payment has been declared every two weeks on average. This is nearly twice the number declared in the same year-ago period.
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Apple: Tax Fraud or Patriot
President Trump was quick to praise Apple. And he even called Tim Cook to say “thanks.” But hasn’t Apple been dodging taxes for years?
Fox News: Trump Backs Legal Cannabis
On Friday, a Republican U.S. senator from Colorado said the president confirmed his commitment on legal cannabis. Fox News reports that Trump now promises to “support states’ rights” on legalized marijuana.
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