Time to Jump Back Into Junk Bonds?

Junk bond funds recently saw a $5 billion weekly inflow – the biggest surge on record. Is the turnaround for junk bonds sustainable, or is it a trap? Read more

Junk Bonds: A Horror Story Worthy of Stephen King

Third Avenue Focused Credit Fund closed its door to redemptions last week, causing junk bonds to experience their largest one-day tumble since 2011. Read more

How to Profit From the IMF’s China Currency Decision

On Nov. 30, the International Monetary Fund added China’s currency, known as the renminbi or the yuan, to its basket of reserve currencies. Read more

How Bond Laddering Can Reduce Portfolio Risk

There are numerous portfolio diversification techniques, but one of the most useful when it comes to fixed income is the bond laddering strategy. Read more

Should You Hold High-Yield Bond Funds Now?

Is the credit risk of high-yield bond funds worth the extra yield you’re getting now? Read more

Bond ETFs Hit the Bearish Radar

I expected a fair number of stocks and ETFs on the bearish scan. What jumped out was that three of the 37 names on the list were prominent bond… Read more

Can Bill Gross Revive Janus Capital?

Bill Gross may have parted ways with PIMCO, but that doesn’t mean he’s no longer the bond king. Read more

New Bill Gross Bond Fund: Should You Jump In, Too?

Bill Gross has invested $700 million in his new Janus bond fund; should investors follow his lead? Read more

Record-Low Treasury Bond Yield Good for Dividend Stocks

Dividend stocks are your best bet in a world where interest rates are mired near zero and Treasury bond yields have plummeted. Read more

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