The 3 Best Bond ETFs to Buy Now

Finding fixed-income ETFs is no problem. Picking the best bond ETFs to buy for the fixed-income portion of your portfolio is challenging right now. Read more

Fixed-Income Investors Zero In on STRIPS

One of the hottest investments of 2016 has been a subset of the $13.2 trillion U.S. Treasurys market many fixed-income investors wouldn’t even consider. Read more

Time to Jump Back Into Junk Bonds?

Junk bond funds recently saw a $5 billion weekly inflow – the biggest surge on record. Is the turnaround for junk bonds sustainable, or is it a trap? Read more

A Warning From Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn issued an important warning last fall. It’s of even more pressing concern today. Read more

Lessons Learned From Bowie Bonds

The death of innovative pop-rock legend David Bowie has shined new light on his financial savvy, specifically his “Bowie bonds.” Read more

Should You Buy Municipal Bond Funds Now?

While junk bond funds grabbed the headlines for 2015’s biggest fixed-income loser, municipal bond funds sneaked under the radar to take the crown as leader. Read more

Junk Bond Funds: Do You Dare Dip Your Toes?

For brave investors, the sell-off in junk bonds and junk bond funds has created some attractive opportunities. Read more

Junk Bonds: A Horror Story Worthy of Stephen King

Third Avenue Focused Credit Fund closed its door to redemptions last week, causing junk bonds to experience their largest one-day tumble since 2011. Read more

Here Comes the Fed! What’s the Play for Income Investors?

In the grander scheme of bond investing, a quarter-point interest rate hike is not going to meaningfully change any kind of monthly income. Read more

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