Boeing Bets on 737 Max Replacement

The Boeing 737 MAX was a big bet for Boeing (NYSE: BA). It was the update to the famed Boeing 737 aircraft – with over 10,000 planes built since… Read more

This One Dividend Investing Strategy Destroys the Rest

If you can have only one dividend investing strategy, this is the absolute best to have. What’s more, we have entered a golden age of dividend growth. Read more

The World’s Best Investor: Warren Buffett vs. Carl Icahn (part 1)

Is Warren Buffett really the world’s best investor? I classify Buffett as a large-cap growth investor. Let’s take a closer look at how his strategy has evolved. Read more

To Be the Next Warren Buffett, Don’t Invest Like Buffett

To invest like Buffett, buy good businesses at good prices and measure holding periods in years. But it’s a different world today. You can’t duplicate his success. Read more

2018 Is the Year of the Dividend: Are You Ready to Profit?

The new tax law opens the door for corporations to repatriate hundreds of billions of dollars from overseas, meaning 2018 dividends could hit new heights. Read more

The Simplest Stock Picking Strategy for 2018

Learn how to take a simple stock picking strategy to a new level. This strategy delivers dramatic results: outsized gains from big blue-chip stocks. Read more

‘Insane Growth’ for Canada’s Cannabis Companies

During the first half of 2017, Canadian cannabis companies raised financing worth more than $1 billion Canadian. Which stocks will be winners? Read more

3 Dividend Kings To Rule Them All

Just think how stable a company must be to raise its dividend each year for five decades running. Then, take a close look these three standout stocks, all royalty. Read more

Buy Berkshire Hathaway at a 17% Discount to Market Value

Though Berkshire pays no dividend, it’s possible to generate income from a Berkshire investment, if you know the right strategies. Read more

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