How Bond Laddering Can Reduce Portfolio Risk

There are numerous portfolio diversification techniques, but one of the most useful when it comes to fixed income is the bond laddering strategy. Read more

Bank Account Earning Nothing? Try a Bond ETF Instead

A bond ETF isn’t about blockbuster returns. These funds are meant to give you some relatively safe short-term options for parking excess cash. Read more

How Bond Investors Should Prepare for Rising Interest Rates

An interest rate hike seems inevitable at this point, though the timing is in flux, leaving bond investors wondering how it will affect their holdings. Read more

Does the Weak Jobs Report Mean No Rate Hike This Year?

September’s ugly jobs report may have quashed hopes of a 2015 interest rate hike for good. Read more

Big Corporations Are Buying Corporate Bonds

A report by The Wall Street Journal indicated that cash-rich companies have been seeking yield in the corporate bonds of companies like Verizon and Gilead. Read more

What’s Next for Treasury Bonds?

There’s a lot of anxiety surrounding Treasury bonds. Many institutions and investors peg their hopes, dreams and fears around this particular investment. Read more

Time to Consider 2 High-Yield Bond Funds

The prospect of a higher federal funds rate has investors hesitant to buy bonds. But I think opportunities exist in the right bond investments. Read more

Portfolio Rebalancing: As Critical As Diversification

Periodically monitoring your portfolio to ensure that it’s properly balanced can be as important as diversifying in the first place. Read more

Income Investors Plagued by Federal Reserve Policies

When the Federal Reserve quickly lowered interest rates from 5.25% to 0.25% in the wake of the Great Recession, income investors had to change course. Read more

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