Earn $66,847 Profits – Even When China Crashes

Amid a bumpy earnings season, investors are worried about trade wars and China and dampened corporate earnings. But with this overnight trading system, your profits don’t depend on earnings… Read more

3 Top International Dividend Stocks For 2018

Investors seeking value can find it in the international markets, particularly Europe, where stocks remain cheap. Here are three international dividend stocks to consider. Read more

Surprise! These Are Now the World’s Best Dividend Stocks

Most American investors are nearly exclusively focused on U.S. stocks. Now, ignoring international stocks could be a costly mistake. Read more

Invest in Cuba’s Huge Growth Potential WITHOUT Running Afoul of Uncle Sam

Learn how to invest in Cuba at discounts of up to 20% of market value and earn high-yield income of up to 15% while doing so. Read more

The Best Ways to Invest in India, a Hotspot for Growth

U.S. companies are lining up to invest in India, and you may want to consider it too. India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Read more

Why Kraft-Heinz Should Bid Again for Unilever

The Kraft-Heinz bid for Unilever stock at about $50 a share was roundly rejected, but another takeover bid could be in the offing. There is still time to buy… Read more

Why South America Is Becoming an Investing Destination

Latin America investments are becoming much more attractive as political change sweeps the region. Investors, keep an eye on Chile, Peru, Argentina and Colombia. Read more

China A-Shares: Not Ready for Prime Time

MSCI says it will not include China A-shares, or stocks from the mainland, in its index of emerging markets stocks. Here’s what this development means for investors. Read more

The Book on Summer Olympics Stocks

The Zika outbreak continues to loom and the Brazilian economy is riddled with issues. Still, certain Summer Olympics stocks might be too good to pass up. Read more

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