3 Top International Dividend Stocks For 2018

Investors seeking value can find it in the international markets, particularly Europe, where stocks remain cheap. Here are three international dividend stocks to consider. Read more

3 European Dividend Stocks to Buy on the Cheap

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Why Kraft-Heinz Should Bid Again for Unilever

The Kraft-Heinz bid for Unilever stock at about $50 a share was roundly rejected, but another takeover bid could be in the offing. There is still time to buy… Read more

Will Brexit Hurt These Big U.S. Stocks?

These U.S. stocks have broad exposure in the U.K., where a post-Brexit recession is a real possibility. Read more

UK Investors Are Swamped With Dividend Income. US Investors Could Be Next

Like UK investors, US investors could experience a bonanza of dividends and dividend income if the right circumstances unfold. Learn how. Read more

Brexit: 3 Stocks to Avoid

Some economists foresee a recession in Europe now that Britain has voted to exit the EU. Don’t go anywhere these European banks as Brexit disruption continues. Read more

Brexit Uncertainty Deepens. What Now?

Here’s what I see ahead for markets, interest rates and currencies as fallout continues from the Brexit, the referendum that has shaken the globe. Read more

What Everyone Got Wrong on Brexit

What has the U.K. accomplished with Brexit? It has untethered itself from boundless bureaucratic overreach. Read more

Brexit or Bremain: What’s an Investor to Do?

It’s the question that’s on seemingly every investor’s mind: Will the United Kingdom exit the European Union? Read more

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