Invest in Cuba’s Huge Growth Potential WITHOUT Running Afoul of Uncle Sam

Imagine it’s 1959. Now, imagine it has been 1959 for the past 58 years. Have you entered a reality version of Groundhog Day?Invest-in-cuba
No, because this 1959 isn’t looping identically year after year. With each replay, with each successive year, this redo of 1959 becomes more decrepit, more degraded, more enfeebled, and more impoverished.
This 1959 is Cuba, and it’s Cuba today. 1959 is the year Fidel Castro ascended to despot.
Though it can’t come soon enough, Cuba will soon enough break the vicious cycle and be free to catch up with modernity. What’s more, because Cuba will play catch up from such a small base, incremental economic growth will be huge growth at the outset.
Relief is in sight thanks in part to the irredeemable Fidel Castro finally shedding his mortal coil. Castro died this past November. His successor, his marginally less despotic brother, Raul, is 85. Raul, too, will soon enough follow his brother into the nether world. (Castro Jr. claims he’ll refuse to seek “re-election” in the next sham election scheduled for next year. I’ll believe it when I see it.)
Yes, it’s possible that Raul’s successor could be as despotic as the Castro boys, but it’s unlikely to pass. Cuba’s rot, like the Soviet Union’s rot of 30 years ago, is so pervasive and so debilitating that the entire scaffolding built on it must collapse. History has empirically and repeatedly repealed communism.
But we don’t want to wait for Raul to exit his corporeal form to assume his ethereal form. You always invest before the seminal event occurs, not after.

Invest in Cuba at a Discount

We don’t want to wait, nor do we have to wait. U.S. citizens can invest in Cuba’s Castro-less future without incurring the ire of the local government enforcer. Just as important, U.S. citizens can invest at an enticing discount. What’s more, they can invest at a similar discount in Cuba’s equally sun-soaked neighbors.
This is actually an opportune time to take a Caribbean plunge. But you need to plunge in the right waters. One investment offers those waters. It allows you to invest in Cuba and other Caribbean nations at a discount that approaches 12%. For every $0.88 you invest, you buy $1 worth of assets.
Few investors know of this investment. Of all the money invested in retail funds in the United States, less than 2% is invested in these investment funds. The one that allows you to buy Cuba for $0.88 on the dollar is one of many that allows you to buy a plethora of stocks, bonds, derivatives, loans, precious metal, and more for less than market value.
As for Cuba, the last time this investment traded at this deep of a discount was in 2014, just before President Obama expressed his desire to open trade with Cuba. The discount soon spiked to a premium. The share price soon spiked as well.
The Recipe for Investing Success: Buy at a Discount, Sell at a Premium

Because they are politicians  ̶  masterly blowhards and bungling practitioners all  ̶  it was inevitable passions would cool, including investor passions. The Cuba premium gave way to the Cuba discount. More important, the premium gave way to investment opportunity  ̶  a lower share price.

Learn the Strategy

It sounds so simple: Buy cheap and sell dear, but the concept reverberates with few investors. Why it reverberates with so few is difficult for a value/contrarian investor (like me) to understand.
If you want to understand, and if you want to learn how to buy Cuba and other investment at discounts of up to 20% of market value and earn high-yield income of up to 15% while doing so, you’ll want to join me for an exclusive live webinar on Wednesday, June 7. You’ll learn not only how to buy stocks at a discount, you’ll learn how to earn a high yield on your discounted investments.

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