Pick Your Poison: BBQ, Beers, Weed or Profits

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Here we are, kicking off the start to summer. I’m heading out to plant my garden . . . and then having a big family BBQ.american.flag
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Shocking Prediction: 100% Legal Weed by 2020
Complete legalization of cannabis: It was a shocking prediction from Ackrell Capital, an independent San Francisco investment bank.
Invest in Cuba? Without Running Afoul of Uncle Sam
Imagine it’s 1959. Now, imagine it has been 1959 for the past 58 years. Have you entered a reality version of Groundhog Day?
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Legal Weed: Vermont Governor Vetoes Bill, Stops Liberal Legislature
Vermont Republican Governor Phil Scott overruled his state legislature. Scott vetoed a bill for the complete legislation of cannabis. It would have paved the way for full legalization in Vermont in 2018.
Buy Exxon Mobil and Chevron at 13% BELOW Market
It may sound CRAZY. But using this simple investing trick, you can buy great companies below market. Sometimes it’s just a small 5% discount. Other times, it can be 15% to 25%.
Top 3 Oil Stocks for Big Profits and Higher Crude Prices
Oil continues its steady march higher. After plunging to a low of $27 per barrel in February 2016, WTI crude is back to $50 per barrel. Here’s how to profit.
Go enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!
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Ian Wyatt

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