China to the Rescue

For the past year, the fate of commercial real estate in the U.S. has… Read more


I got this letter in my inbox yesterday:   


Well Played

This morning’s payroll data came in better than expected. After economists warned that February snowstorms may have depressed payrolls by… Read more

More Upside for March

In early February, stocks looked as though they were breaking down. We had just gotten through the Dubai debt problem. China was raising reserve requirements for banks to slow… Read more

Munger’s “Basicland”

There is an article at making the rounds in the financial press. Warren Buffett’s partner at Berkshire Hathaway, Charlie Munger, penned a parable about America’s rise and… Read more

Recession for Europe?

It’s no surprise to me Europe is experiencing weaker than expected growth. In fact, in Wyatt Investment Research 2010 Economic Predictions and Investment Outlook, I wrote that it… Read more

Is China Caving?

The Dow Industrials cruised past 10,000 yesterday. Clearly, the news that Germany may be coming to Greece’s aid was a big relief for investors. The euro rallied against the… Read more

Low Rates to Continue

I managed to catch part of Treasury Secretary Geithner’s testimony yesterday. I actually thought he represented himself pretty well. I can appreciate his stance that AIG really… Read more

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