Well Played

This morning’s payroll data came in better than expected. After economists warned that February snowstorms may have depressed payrolls by as much as 100,000, the 36,000 job losses reported for last month sounds like good news. Well played, sirs, well played.

Now bullish economists are pressing their advantage with statements like this: “We’ve got positive jobs growth in there, we just can’t see it”.   


Ok, I’ll admit, I’m having a little fun with the economists on this. It’s good news that the unemployment rate is holding at 9.7%. And the fact that economists are close to unanimous in expecting jobs growth this year is also a positive.   


*****For some anecdotal evidence of job growth, Bloomberg reports that technology services company Accenture is adding 50,000 workers. Of course, just 9,000 will be hired in the U.S. And the hiring will “spree” will run through August. But still, a year ago, I think we’d all have been happy to know that companies would actually hire people again.  


Bloomberg also reports that the service industry hired 24,000 in February and 27,000 in January. 1,000 factory workers were hired in February after 20,000 in January. The biggest areas of weakness remain construction and financial, which lost another 64,000 and 10,000.   


Of course, the construction and financial sectors probably added the most workers during the housing bubble, so it’s not a surprise that these two sectors are still adapting.   


*****While the U.S. struggles to stem the tide of job losses, China is targeting 9 million new jobs for 2010. China’s also hoping to attract $96 billion in foreign investment to help growth in technology, clean energy and environmental protection.   


These are exactly the sectors SmallCapInvestor PRO has targeted for our Chinese investments. Ironically, these are the areas that have been most ignored by investors. That means valuations for these stocks are extremely low and there is tremendous upside as revenues and earnings continue to grow.   


*****Wearing bike helmets and gas masks, Greek demonstrators tried to storm Parliament to protest the “austerity measures” as Greece adopts $6.5 billion in budget cuts to lower spending and get its debt under control.  


I can understand that nobody wants to have their bonuses or vacation pay cut. At the same time, though, it’s clear that Greece must do something. It just goes to show you the sense of entitlement that people have, and it’s not just Greeks. 


I can only imagine how Americans would react to similar “austerity measures.” And at some point in the next few years, if our debt is not managed properly, we may find out.   


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