Contrarian? Bullish on Gold? You Need to Take a Look at this Strategy.

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Billionaire Reveals #1 Trade for 2019

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Chicago Billionaire: Sell Real Estate, Buy Gold

Sam Zell wants to protect his wealth from the downside risk, so the billionaire is selling real estate and buying gold. Learn how you could profit, too. Read more

Central Banks Buy $27.2 Billion in Gold – The Most Since World War II

After the financial crisis, the world’s central banks began to buy gold. Now they’re buying at a fast pace. As global growth slows, are you protecting your savings with… Read more

Gold or Dividend Stocks? Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett Weigh In

Is this the time to buy gold? Prominent investors Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger voice their opinions on gold versus dividend stocks. Read more

Why Warren Buffett Secretly Loves Income (and Hates Gold)

Warren Buffett and I disagree on Berkshire paying a dividend. I noted another topic from the Berkshire meeting on which we disagree: gold. Read more

3 Gold Stocks Better Than Bitcoin

Bitcoin prices have stumbled and the alt-currency has some formidable headwinds, so investors are again looking to gold as the traditional flight-to-safety investment. These three gold stocks are more… Read more

I’ll Take Stocks Over Gold Every Time. Here’s Why

Gold or stocks? Simply owning a gold brick and storing it in a safe does nothing to perpetrate wealth. Read more

My Favorite ETF to Profit From Gold Now

This gold ETF holds a basket of small-cap silver mining and exploration companies and could achieve gains of 30% or more this year. Read more

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